Elastic Block Storage for
On-Premises Clouds


Any Application. Any stack. Any scale.

Adaptive data infrastructure for all business demands

Run enterprise applications at web-scale economics

Benefits of Datera Elastic Data Fabric (EDF) software:

Agnostic – works across any x86 appliance Fast and easy to deploy by both partners and customers
Flexible – EDF software configured on x86 appliance offered by both partners and Datera

Datera DF-Series provides the flexibilities that customers require to deploy the cloud on-premises.

Datera EDF Software

Datera EDF Software is the data infrastructure operating system for next generation clouds. This operating system provides the most complete primary storage features. It decouples application storage provisioning from physical infrastructure management.

Datera DF-Series Hardware

Datera DF-Series nodes allow customers to build a Datera EDF platform that is adaptive, highly available and easy to use. Our platform enables you to mix and match any Datera Hybrid Flash Node (HFN) and All-Flash Node (AFN).

Datera CloudOperations

Datera CloudOperations provides cloud-based active monitoring and insights enforcement. This enables customers the ability to view their systems from anywhere, with deep predictive analytics.

Datera’s DF-Series hardware nodes deliver predictable performance, simple turn-key deployment faster, more cost-effectively and with more flexibility. This increases infrastructure agility and responsiveness to deploy applications and services up to 10x faster at a fraction of the cost of traditional architectures.

Hybrid Flash Nodes DF-5010 (96TB) DF-5005 (48TB) All Flash Nodes DF-4020 (20TB) DF-4010(10TB)

With Datera, scale out storage vendors are provided with capacity management tools to enable flexible storage that seamlessly adapts to their ever-changing business demands. Our platform understands applications and network infrastructure services in the datacenter and has the ability to automatically make changes based on business requirements.


“Datera has enabled Packet to deliver a high performance, consistent and profitable elastic block storage service to our customers. What makes Datera so unique is its software DNA. With Datera, we can use a true API-driven storage platform that can keep pace with our dynamic workload requirements and demanding automation needs. Datera Elastic Data Fabric self-describes and self-optimizes so we can easily and economically scale our storage service.”

– Zackary Smith, CEO and Co-Founder of Packet.net

“In a time when data accessibility directly impacts a firm’s level of competitiveness, enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace. Datera’s direction for data-management helps to containerize enterprise applications by delivering a scale
out persistent storage layer that offers this necessary IT agility.”

– Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group


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Datera Elastic Data Fabric is an application-driven, fully-automated elastic block storage. It allows enterprises and service providers to deliver enterprise application performance at web-scale economics and operations.