Datera and Kubernetes

Datera enables IT professionals and developers to be Kubernetes-ready


Get operational with Kubernetes containers within seconds


Clone workloads from snapshot and deploy 1000s of containers. Get operational within seconds.


Ready-templates makes it easy to develop and tune as required


Single-command deployment and it’s all ready to go in seconds


Takes care of all container cluster management and dynamically scales up and down to react to whatever is happening in the Kubernetes clusters


Maximize performance and cost based on the needs


Operational simplicity and ease of consumption

Stateful applications automated to extreme scale

Deploy Elastic Data Fabric on Kubernetes within seconds

What others are saying:

“Datera for self-optimizing persistent storage and Supermicro’s servers offers a solution to run scale-out, containerized, stateful applications in enterprise and service provider clouds,” said David Aronchick, Senior Project Manager at Google. “With Kubernetes, organizations can manage these applications onpremises and also have the option to move to hybrid environments using this stateful solution along with Google Cloud Platform.”

“In a time when data accessibility directly impacts a firm’s level of competitiveness, enterprise IT organizations are demanding greater infrastructure agility to keep pace. Datera’s direction for data-management helps to containerize enterprise applications by delivering a scale out persistent storage layer that offers this necessary IT agility.” – Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst Enterprise Strategy Group